The role of electronic media in shaping the country's image

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  • G. T. Markabaeva Kostanay regional University named after Akhmet Baitursynov



society, image, PR-technologies, mass media, reputation, communication technologies, country brand


Nowadays, the role of communication strategies has significantly
increased and the study of PR technologies is of great value due to the fact that this particular
communication format is aimed at forming the necessary image of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Moreover, it is able to properly set up a long-term and strong relationship with the target
audience. Knowing the target audience allows to select the right strategies for creating the
external and internal image of the state. In recent years, the problem of forming an attractive
image has been raised more than once: from scientific discussions, conferences and forums, to
the attempts of state institutions to actualize this issue in every possible way. For the positive
formation of the country's image, a PR component is essential, which helps to overcome factors
and circumstances that adversely affect the status and position of the state as a whole. To
increase the role of modern technologies, it is possible to create a unified state system, which
could comprehensively solve the problem of coordinating the current activities for the
construction of the image. However, to implement the current decision, it is necessary to use a
multifaceted analysis of the process of forming and adjusting the country's image. Equally
important is the information component, which actively uses its resources, controls the media
through technologies of psychological and political influence to increase public opinion in
various spheres of society. The article examines the communication strategies and features of
the use of PR-technologies in the process of forming the image of Kazakhstan, and also
considers modern approaches to creating the country's image on the example of the satellite TV
channels "Khabar" and "Kazakh TV"



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