Game journalism as a new media communication format

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  • S.V. Ashenova International University of Information Technology
  • Sh.I. Kaliazhdarova International University of Information Technology


video games, game journalism, gamification, information relations, communication process, media audience


Game journalism, which combines the format of the media of local
interests, at the present stage occupies a separate information area designed for a
special audience. Nevertheless, the communication principles inherent in media
information apply in the same way to any niche branches of the media market, as
well as to the principles and functions of journalism in general.
A computer game, having become a specific phenomenon of virtual culture,
has made its own adjustments to the concepts of creativity and communicative
relations with the audience. Since the game is based on an artistic image and a
spatiotemporal organization, its aspects are similar in spirit to the communicative
formats of the media. In addition, the main difference between a multiplayer game
is considered to be an established virtual world, which develops even when the
player is out of the game. And it also brings the functions of gamification closer
to the functions of the media market, in the space of which the concept of gaming
journalism is firmly established.
The article examines the features of the interaction of game journalism as a
communicative process with the audience through the prism of its formation and
the possibilities of further development and substantiates the need for scientific
discourse on this topic




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