Axiological-deontological status of a journalist

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  • T.V. Podolyak Belarusian State University


журналистика, белорусские СМИ, информационно-коммуникационные технологии, аксиология, деонтология, медиаобразование, социальная ответственность.


As the most recent information and communication technologies (ICT) are incorporated into various areas of life, including journalism, new axiological and deontological dilemmas, ethical disputes, and heated discussions have arisen in the media. To maintain a balance between the advancement of technology and the defense of citizens' interests, this calls for thoughtful consideration of the renewal and improvement of professional attitudes, legal norms, and ethical principles of journalism, as well as an analysis of the likely outcomes of the dissemination of knowledge-intensive techniques. The axiological-deontological standing of a journalist might legitimately be regarded as the most crucial component of professionalism with the advent of ICT into media practice.



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