Journalistic value of the works of Abai Kunanbayuly and Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly

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  • G.A. Shauyenova L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
  • A.K. Umbetova L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


preface, poet's students, press, Kazakh poetry, national journalism


In the era of modernizing national values, reevaluating the legacy of Abai's disciples has become a paramount concern. The direct disciples of Abay Kunanbayuly, benefiting from his tutelage and education, played a crucial role in comprehending the historical, political, and socio-cultural milieu of their time through their discourse. This article scrutinizes the profound influence of Abai's legacy on his disciples, their creative output, leadership, and societal significance. The journalistic legacy, encompassing education, enlightenment, settlement, religion, language, and other pertinent topics, undergoes critical examination and reevaluation from a standpoint of autonomy. By delving into the literary works of poets like Hakim, we propose a systematic categorization of educational-enlightenment journalism, religious-enlightenment journalism, journalism pertaining to earthly matters, artistic journalism, and philosophical journalism, all of which contributed significantly to shaping their respective epochs. Furthermore, this paper analyzes the contributions of Shakherim Kudaibergenuly, who upheld Abai Kunanbayev's legacy as a tradition, endeavoring to explore the poet's ideals in terms of continuity, innovation, and advancement within the contemporary context.



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