The process of journalistic research development

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  • B.Zh. Karimova The process of journalistic research development


journalistic research, media, genre, digital development, methods, information, fact


Today it is known that the genre of journalistic research is necessary in socio-political life and plays an important role in the development of domestic journalism. Speaking about journalistic research, it is necessary to consider the situation with freedom of speech in our country from a theoretical and practical point of view, analyzing it in comparison with the general global trend. Lack of journalists specializing in this field, lack of law protecting the rights of journalists. The purpose of the research article is to determine the level and intensity of development of modern domestic journalistic research. Since the genre of journalistic research is very important in the development of an open society and democracy, we set the task to describe the appearance of today's journalistic research. When writing the article, several research papers were highlighted, its history and development features were analyzed, as well as methods of journalistic research abroad. Serving the public, fighting for truth and justice are the main factors of investigative journalism. It is important for the media that journalistic research evokes in them the image of defenders of the values of society, the trust of readers and viewers.



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