The Use of Drones in Journalism: Opportunities and Limitations

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  • Sh.J. Kanasheva L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
  • S.M. Duisengazy L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


drone, drone journalism, citizen journalism, new media, new communication technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles


The field of journalism has not been spared from the rapid development of technology. With the development of communication technologies, traditional journalism has been transformed. In the past, news was produced by media and consumed by the masses. However, the advent of drones has led to the emergence of citizen journalism as an alternative source of information in the news gathering process. Considered the «eyes in the air» of journalists, drones are offering new opportunities for both citizen journalists and large media companies. Drones have a great physical advantage in that they can display the area of damage spread in disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, the scale of events on battlefields, sporting events and concerts. It also creates conditions for quick access to the journalist's news and informative publication. However, the dangers posed by drone technology in areas such as national security, public health and safety, personal life and public safety, as well as legal and ethical issues, cannot be ignored in addition to expanding the possibilities of journalistic reporting. This article analyzes the new breath and contribution that the use of drones has brought to journalism, as well as its possibilities and limitations.



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