Themes of law and rights in Abay Kunanbaev’s work

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  • A. Shurentayev A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University
  • K. Kushkinbayeva A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University



legal journalism, law, order, justice, power, human rights, Abay studies, legal state


The article is a scientific analysis of the works of the great thinker A.Kunanbayev in the context of
aspects of law and legality. It is stated that his work includes poems, epics, songs and translations that reflect
the most pressing issues of public and political life of the Kazakh people. The article is dedicated to the fact that
A.Kunanbayev focuses primarily on the problem of human rights protection in his works. The author of the
article compares the Kazakh law «Erezhe», created by Tole Bi (judge) and which became a significant event in
the life of the Kazakh people, and Abai’s «words of edification», finding significant points of contact, arguing
that the strict principles of «Erezhe» are presented in the «words of edification» as key issues. The article defines
that a clear definition of the concept of «law» is contained in the words of Abay: «The law is a set of rules and
regulations that lead to justice, peace and tranquility». The article also substantiates the need for further active
study of the Kazakh thinker’s works from a legal perspective in connection with the discovery of new Abai’s



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